Red Barns Photography

As photographers most of us have a favorite subject or two, something that we find hard to pass up as a photo opportunity when we see it. Well, for me I have a long list of things but ranking high amongst them is the red barn. Besides the fact that each has its own character, there is just something special about them. Maybe its the overall rural setting that most are found in or perhaps it's the stark contrast with it's surroundings. Simply put, I'll raise my camera quickly if lighting and sky conditions compliment the scene.

Red barns and associated outbuildings are seen everywhere. The one above is located on the south-central Pennsylvania border with Maryland, near a town called "Maryland Line". But this could easily be Nebraska or somewhere in Europe.

I often think twice about things that have been photographed a gazillion times, but not here. Rural America is a great place to find and experience these peaceful and scenic moments, no matter the time of year.

We are currently in that transition from winter to early spring and the days are getting warmer. Most trees remain void of color or even buds at this point but that will all change soon as the spring colors emerge. Nonetheless, barns are always an eye-catcher.

The photograph above was taken at another northern Baltimore county location on the same day as the first shot. I drive the rural countryside roads quite a bit so I encounter these beautiful barns regularly.

The "barn red" colors we see today is different than what was mixed by farmers using linseed oils hundreds of years ago. I read that rust (ferrous oxide) was added to the linseed oils because of it's ability to kill mosses and fungi, thereby protecting the wood for many years. However they arrived at the color, I am glad that this tradition continues.

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