Reef Chief

This post is about the 120-foot motor yacht, Reef Chief. It's a beautifully designed small ship that I have been seeing in Baltimore's inner harbor for many years. I have also noticed that it is away from its usual berth in Baltimore for long periods of time and wondered if it spent winter months in the tropics or sailing the high seas to other global locations. 

Reef Chief - Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Rusty Scupper restaurant serves as a backdrop for the Reef Chief. My curiosity led me to conduct a little research on this yacht and this is what I've learned.

This absolutely beautiful craft was designed by Mr. Phil Curran and built in Australia by Lloyds Ships Holdings in 1990. She was launched in Brisbane. The hull and superstructure are made of aluminum.  In the power department the yacht has been fitted with two Caterpillar diesel engines which provide 3500 HP and a top speed of 18 knots (20.7 MPH). Her cruising range is 3000 nautical miles on approximately 18,000 gallons of fuel, which makes this a personal cruise ship. :-)

Having taken quite a few exterior photographs of the Reef Chief, I would love to see the inside of this wonderful craft. Out of respect for people's privacy and property I have always taken shots from a distance, which leaves me to imagine how beautiful the teak and/or mahogany may be on the interior.

Here is a black and white version of the yacht. I tend to prefer this version over the color in this case as the background blending allows the Reef Chief to stand out on its own a little more. What's your take?

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