Reflective Moments

As I take a moment to reflect in this post, I am reminded of the whirlwind the past several months have been. One project after another has kept me super busy for many weeks now, but while things have been somewhat hectic, it has been very positive as well. Commercial photography inquiries and assignments have been flowing in and there are many photo prints to be framed, which I really enjoy. Being busy is a part of growing and is a good thing to have to deal with.

Having said all of that, this has temporarily left me with less time for social media engagement, a critically important aspect of building a brand, and maintaining the many friendships that have developed online over the years. I've come to realize that a more structured approach is required to meet my goals and continue to do the things I enjoy. Besides, in order to continue to learn and advance photographically, we must keep our hands on the pulse of the photographic community as a whole. 

There are times when we find ourselves standing at the crossroads holding an old map when we really need a new route. Having already begun the process of laying out the goals for 2015, timing may be just right for the changes I envision.

Now on to a few images.

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Reflective Moment

Speaking of reflective moments, the image above was taken from Druid Hill Park in Baltimore City and shows many of the residences along Druid Lake Drive. The water is a reservoir along the southern perimeter of the park, which I happened to catch on a windless morning. This is a place I've visited countless times over my lifetime but I cannot recall the waters being this still, there are always ripples and small waves in this non-tidal freshwater body. But I also didn't always have the eyes of a photographer where one would notice such details.

Next, the folks on all of the weather stations began talking about this "Polar Vortex" thingie that was sweeping southward across North America. They've gotten so good with weather predictions now that it pays to be attentive. Sure enough, it turned quite cold quite rapidly and then there was sleet, snow then rain, all of which disappeared nearly as fast as it arrived. There were no photos to be had so I reached back in the archive to this past January (2014) and pulled out this line of trees.

Got Snow?

Last winter snow fatigue set in early and I got tired of looking at it, which is likely why this was never posted until now. It's been awhile since it snowed so these scenes are easier on the eyes for now. I just hope this coming winter is less snowy than last. So enough of winter for now, let's get back to the actual season of Fall. Besides, I don't want to leave the image above as the closer for this post.

Colors in this area peaked weeks ago but the beauty of the season remains, at least for now. Here is a shot from  a recent morning.

Falling Leaves

Now that many trees have dropped their bounty of beautiful leaves you can see the standouts. Overall things are less cluttered so trees that hold leaves longer can anchor an otherwise ordinary scene. As Fall winds to a close these photo opportunities will become fewer so I am on the hunt, with camera in hand. :-)

Until next time, thanks for clicking by!