Revisiting the Wrightsville - Columbia Bridge

In 1863 during the Gettysburg Campaign, this crossing was spanned by the only bridge between Conowingo, Maryland and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. That bridge was set ablaze to prevent Confederate troops from crossing from the east. Today, this historic crossing of the Susquehanna River between Wrightsville and Columbia, Pennsylvania has a different bridge as seen in this recent photograph taken after winter storm Jonas (2016).

Construction of this arch bridge began in 1929, with the bridge opening one year later in 1930. If you look through the nearest arch into the background of the photo you can see one of the many bridge abutments from the old structure to the north of the existing bridge.

The original bridge joining Wrightsville and Columbia was north of this location and built between 1812 and 1814. At the time, it was the longest wooden covered bridge in the world, spanning more than 5,600 feet. That structure succumbed to ice damage some 14 years later.

As you can see, the Susquehanna River is once again frozen over, one of the reasons for visiting on this trip. I planned my arrival here to coincide with sunset and hoped that the sky would provide some colorful clouds as a reward. Well, the sky was less dramatic than hoped but rewarding nonetheless with those purple hues of color.

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