Road Trip

Ahh, the open road, one of my favorite pass-times. I have always loved the freedom that comes with the wide open country and it's beautiful scenery.  For my 16th birthday I got my license to drive and a car. The car, a 66 Chevy Biscayne, was a used state police cruiser with a 396 cubic inch engine. I was totally in love and have been ever since.

Scenes like the one featured in today's image have caused me to get out of bed during the wee hours for many years. It's a passion that has never faded and likely never will.

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That old Chevy is long gone but here I am traveling the open roads of Baltimore County in my pickup truck. Yes, this is a driver's side view and no, kids don't try this at home or the road.

Currently our roadway scenery is a drab brown as the Fall colors of 2013 are only a memory now. That being the case, I dug out this image for a little mid-Winter color. 

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PS: Those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, I sincerely hope you enjoyed these wonderful occasions.   :-)