Rowing to Arlington

While standing along the banks of the Potomac River in Washington DC, I decided to setup for a shot of the Arlington Virginia skyline just across the river. After a couple of shots I noticed a gentleman rowing toward Arlington. The sport of "Crew" is really popular in this area so it is not unusual to see folks out on the rivers keeping themselves in shape. With the camera sporting a 50mm Prime, there was no chance of zooming in for a tight shot so I abandoned my initial composition to catch the image below as he passed by.

Rowing the Potomac River between Washington DC and Arlington Virginia.

Next I had to return to the original composition before my rower got too far up river, but of course, there is a lady walking her dog in the frame now. Seems my earlier good fortune has gone to the dogs. 

Arlington Virginia skyline

I ended up with the image above after readjusting one last time. Those additional seconds cost me some distance with the row boat but I began with nothing between myself and the bridge so this would have to do. In hindsight, I should have taken the earlier shot with the lady and her pet, then cropped them out.

In the space of about 90-seconds, there was a lot going on but while the image was less than anticipated, I’m satisfied with the final result. Life happens, right? 

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