Sail Nauticus Norfolk

Quick stop in Norfolk Virginia

I stopped in Norfolk Virginia recently and ventured into the downtown area where I noticed a group of colorful sails in the distance. So, I did what anyone with a camera handy would do, I moved closer so I could photograph the scene. Since all of the sailboats looked the same, except for the color of their sails, I suspected that this was a training school for people wanting to learn the craft of sailing. While patiently waiting for the boats to align in a manner that would make for a well-balanced photo, I noticed the names on the sails, Sail Nauticus.  

Sail Nauticus Norfolk is a non-profit sailing school serving the Norfolk and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia. It was a joy to see this small fleet of sailboats maneuvering about the Norfolk harbor on a quiet, sunny afternoon.

In the scene above, students and instructors alike really seemed to have been having a great time. There was the occasional laughter as they navigated a course and sailed around some strategically placed buoys. One of the things I have always loved about sailboats is that they have always had this graceful movement about them.They make a statement, quietly.

Personally I'm a powerboat kind of guy, but there are few vessels on the water that look more impressive than sailboats with wind in their sails. The larger they are the more impressive they look. I am also impressed with the skills required to operate these wonderful watercraft. Mastering the skills and gaining the experience to adjust for wind and sea conditions is challenging to say the least.

Today sailing is more of a recreational or sports type of activity but it's history reaches back to the 5th century and beyond. We will never know who the first person to sail the high seas was but we do know that it was sailing that expanded the globe for mankind. Now just think, it all starts at sailing schools like Sail Nauticus.

Thank you stopping by. ;-)