Saint Mary's Orthodox Church

On a recent drive through the horse country of Hunt Valley my eyes were once again drawn to this stunningly beautiful church under construction. I've passed it quite a few times during the building process but decided to stop for a photograph or two since it looked to be very near completion. Besides, it was a Saturday morning and there were no workers or equipment around to clutter the scene.

- Click image to enlarge -

I love shooting architecture and this Byzantine style has many elements that come together to create a work of art. The arches, the spires and the choice of colors simply command one's attention.

This angled view was created in order to see that beautiful dome, not visible from the front of the church.

The new church is being added onto the existing church, a portion of which can be seen in the lower right corner of the image. You may also notice the incomplete front entrance where no staircase has been constructed as yet. The elevation doesn't seem to support many steps, perhaps only a few, but I can envision something wide and dramatic. Maybe some white marble would look nice. Well, we will leave that to the architects and designers.

One thing is certain, this will be one awesome church and grounds when completed with a wonderful landscaping plan. I look forward to seeing the final layout. With this divine look, one wonders what the interior will look like. Perhaps some day, I will find out.

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