Shoreline Living

Living along the shoreline of any river, bay or other tidal waterway can be a very peaceful and enjoyable experience. There is just something special about wonderful homes that occupy these cozy settings. Nestled in the trees below we have this great property located on Carter's Creek in Irvington, Virginia.  I took this photograph while on the way back to the dock after a few hours out on the Rappahannock. This area is known for it's sheltered, waterfront retreats.

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While we remain in the deep throes of Winter, which I am enjoying by the way, I do look forward to the Summer of 2014 and a return to the great outdoor life. :-)

In other news, I am excited about my new business venture and service, framing and matting artwork. It is something I have contemplated for some time, driven by the inability to find a reasonably priced framing business or crafts-person. Faced with this reality, I have undertaken this wholeheartedly and procured the tools and equipment necessary to produce a professionally crafted product.  Several client orders have been successfully completed already, hence the excitement about the future.

This may seem a somewhat ambitious undertaking that could reduce one's time behind the camera but that's simply something I'm not willing to sacrifice.

While I have not had an official roll out, I do look forward to sharing some of the behind-the-scenes experiences with you as we move forward.

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