Sky on Fire

In photography there are times when less is more and that certainly applies to shooting silhouettes, which often gives a feeling of mystery and suspense. There is also that sense of minimalism that we find pleasing to the eyes.

I enjoy creating silhouette images, particularly around sunset as the sky transforms to a dramatic palette of color. Such was the case when today's image was taken. I had considered myself finished for the day and was just about to drive off for home when I spotted a stand of trees in the distance.

The sky was quickly turning to a fireball in terms of intense color so I quickly re-positioned to a place where I could see the tree line tapering off. Rather than shoot the entire forest I wanted to isolate a few trees, allowing the light to shine through and provide some definition.

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Silhouette photography is one of the easiest types to accomplish. Backlighting your subject places the target into a shadow, leaving only the outline. Choosing something that is easily recognizable does the trick. I used trees here but people, cars and buildings work nicely as well. A colorful sky makes the process super easy to accomplish.

Today's cameras are pretty smart and will try to expose everything in the frame. Be sure to aim at the brightest part of your image (sky in this case). This leaves the remainder underexposed, which is what we want to create the silhouette.

If you have never shot silhouettes, give it a try. ;-)

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