Beauty from the Chesapeake

Living near the natural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay has provided so many memorable moments over the years, yet still, I haven't even scratched the surface of this great estuary. It's the reason I return time and time again to capture images of this natural habitat.

With it's immense size, covering some 64,000 square miles, and fed by more than 150 major rivers and streams, one could spend a lifetime exploring the bay and still not see it all. In many ways, it's a world within itself. But today we share a few images from the Chesapeake marshlands as I launch a new series about this huge watershed. 

Let's begin with this reflective sunset taken along Church Creek in Dorchester County.

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I've come to love these sections of shoreline that jut out into the waters to create small peninsulas. This photograph represents one of those times when there are no brisk winds blowing across many miles of open water, generating waves that at times reach 3-feet in height. As a result, we have this calm, reflective glass-like look.

As one might imagine, the bay is loaded with these coastal wetlands and marshes, the grasses of which make for some peaceful and interesting scenes at times. For me, the true beauty of the Chesapeake can be found not in the open waters of the bay, but along the more than 8,000 miles of shoreline.  Due to erosion and rising sea levels, many of these environments are in a state of flux as they shrink and disappear. 

Above we have a photography blind for capturing the actions (or inaction) of waterfowl. The only hunting here is with your camera, no rifles or shotguns. :-)

If you're quiet and patient something will likely come by and provide a photo opportunity. I was not patient on a visit to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge because of time constraints but plan to do better next time around. 

This end of the day shot will serve to close out this post. I thank you for your time in stopping by and look forward to sharing more Chesapeake Bay related photographs in future posts.

Stay creative!