Replica Civil War Steam Locomotive

Steam into History.jpg

In the border town of New Freedom Pennsylvania (MD & PA border) you can take historic train rides on the same tracks traveled by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. In 1863 Lincoln rode this route on his way to give the Gettysburg Address. I stopped by recently hoping to catch the train setting up for one of it's excursions through the beautiful rural countryside. My timing was great as the historic replica steam locomotive was just coming out of it's station.

This 1860s style locomotive was built by Kloke Locomotive Works, a company that replicates historic railroad equipment for educational purposes.

Anyway, when I arrived the passenger cars were already out on the tracks waiting for locomotive #17 to connect and move the entire train to the boarding area.

Above, the train gets connected as they prepare for the first trip of the day. Take a look at some of the great detail below in this zoomed in view.

The polished brass trim, railings and tanks really give this locomotive a full-dress look. You have to give the folks at Kloke Locomotive Works credit for an outstanding replica of a machine that contributed to American history.

Next we have a full view of the train just before staging and loading it's passengers. I did not take the two and a half hour trip to Hanover Junction since I was short on time. Plus, I plan to take a few folks on the ride and make a few memories in the near future.

As previously mentioned, the countryside along this route remains undeveloped, leaving it much the same as it was during those civil war days. That being the case, I wonder if there is very much to see besides trees. Hopefully there are some beautiful vistas to see.

Speaking of those times, President Lincoln had one last ride along this train route. It occurred about a year and a half after the Gettysburg Address during his funeral, the result of being felled by an assassin's bullet. A sad footnote in history but it's a part of American history nonetheless.

On a more positive note, Steam Into History, Inc. began operating in June of 2013 so they have just celebrated one year of this wonderful and educational service. Congratulations to them!

In addition to the train rides, there are folks dressed in clothing from that period who entertain and provide information about the history of this area and the small towns along the railway route. I do look forward to taking the trip and will surely post about it after having done so.

Until next time, thanks for clicking by!