Steinman Station

Steinman Station is a replica train depot at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. It's right out of the early 20th century in terms of appearance. When I first stepped inside I realized how small it was and thought about the towns and boroughs of past times when this country was still developing. Many of today's cities and states were "territories" back then and just didn't have the need for very large depots. But eventually these places grew into major population centers because of the railroad industry.

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Steinman Station was donated by the Steinman Foundation

Above we have a look at this quaint replica of a passenger depot. It made think about the old Green Acres television show for some odd reason. :-) 

Let's step inside for a look around.

Notice the small ticket window and business office across the room. If you didn't have enough money for your ticket, they have conveniently placed a classic phone for your convenience.  What often gets overlooked in these places though, are the many small artifacts from the time period. We tend to get excited about the big trains and other machinery and miss that desk from the 1800s that's in the office. 

The wall unit by the door appears to be one of those brochure racks that was once filled with maps and attractions for various places along the railroad route. On the back wall is the classic depot bulletin board where times of arrival and cancellations were posted. I should also mention that just about every bench and item of furniture I saw in the museum looked authentic, likely from stations and depots across the country.

Before closing, we should step out of the door for a look at the other side of the depot. The builders really captured the old-time look.

Imagine the stories associated with that old wagon. I just love it when tools and items from the past have been preserved. 

I  have enjoyed this so much that I thought I would share this little tip with you. Many of the actual depots across the US have been preserved and are now museums. Perhaps there is one near your location. You can check this a link to some "Depot Museums" by state to see if there is one near your location. I would love to see your photos from some of them. It's like going back in time.

Until next time, safe travels and thanks for visiting!