Summer is Gone

With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of Summer here in the US, it's time for a catch up post to cover the past many weeks I haven't updated this blog. Suffice it to say that this Summer has been a fast, furious and busy affair. So much so that I have been behind the scenes recalibrating my business strategies and preparing for the next chapter in this photographic journey. 

Change is a Good Thing!

With an uptick in business I've had to make changes to accommodate client needs. The realignment of my life schedule has been refreshing and I am most grateful for the opportunities. :-)

To reflect the changes and new direction for the business, I have been redesigning this site to showcase new services now being offered. It's a slow process since I do my own design and programming work but this site will soon take on a new look, which also brings a level of excitement. More on that in the not so distant future.

In Case You Missed It

Maintaining a social media presence is a critical strategy for businesses today, so let me catch you up on some of the photographs that have appeared on sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram during the past several weeks. There are far too many to present in a single post but we'll start with some of the more popular ones.

Let's begin in the late 1800s with the Royal Blue Line.

This image is from the archives and was taken in 2011 at the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. The Royal Blue Line was a flagship passenger train that provided service between Washington DC and New York City. Service began in 1890 and not long after, stops in Wilmington Delaware and Philadelphia Pennsylvania were added. Noted for their luxury, including plush seating, wood trim and other amenities, the Royal Blue Line trains were hugely popular during the years leading up to World War I.  

Next up, a trip to Sandy Point State Park yields a nice sunset along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

I waited for just the right moment to capture this sunset on the Chesapeake Bay near Sandy Point State Park. It had been a lovely day and my wife and I had visited the area to enjoy the peace and solitude of the Summer evening. Later that evening the sky began it's transition and I watched the sunset from a pier on the bay. As the sun reached the treetops, I captured the photo above. When you wink at the sun, she often winks back. :-)

Higher Ground

Moving on to the Blue Ridge mountains, a province of the larger Appalachians, we have this photograph overlooking one of the many valleys. From my vantage point, this appears to be an aerial shot from a plane but I was around the 4500-foot elevation when this was taken.

I really love the small ridges in the open-field area and the contrast in color serves to break up some of the darker green, which may otherwise overpower the scene. The small scattering of houses and other buildings was a bonus.

A Bird in the Hand

Many of you may know that old saying... "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", meaning keep what you have, don't risk losing it for something better. Now I am not much on bird photography, it's something I seldom shoot except when an opportunity presents itself like the scene below.

I was hanging out at a seafood packing house on Dymer Creek in Virginia when I spotted this Osprey perched high up in a pine tree. He (or she) was sitting there looking quite regal so I racked out my 200mm lens and framed up this shot with some surrounding foliage. Isn't nature wonderful?

Speaking of nature and the great  beauty it represents. 

Along the outer perimeter of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge there is a transition zone where the marsh land opens up to the open waters of the Blackwater River on Maryland's eastern shore. I had the privilege of witnessing nature's beauty during a sunset and captured a series of photos with varying degrees of color and light. This image is one of my favorites from that shoot because of it's minimalist view and soft pastel colors. 

Fun at the Beach

It may be the end of the Summer season but what would the season have been without some fun at the beach?

There are those who absolutely love the beach life, then there are those who, well, can take it or leave, no big deal. Count me in the former, I so look forward to spending time on the beach or some shoreline every season. It's difficult to explain other than to say that there is just something special about that environment that makes it a must-do for me. It all starts with a relatively thin crowd of beachgoers and builds as the season progresses. 

The next thing you know, a holiday like the 4th of July arrives and things may look something like the image below.

This midday shot taken from the comfort of my hotel room balcony was previously posted here but fits in nicely once again. :-)  I remember how intensely hot it was on this day with temperatures in the high 90s (F). 

Let's move on to a calmer, more peaceful image on a creek just 2-miles upstream from the Chesapeake Bay.

Yet another hot Summer day, this shot was taken during the late morning hours when the light is generally quite harsh. Here I took advantage of a large cloud formation that was passing overhead and serving as a natural diffuser. It lowered the intensity of the light just enough to retain some vibrance and eliminate severely blown out areas.

In closing, I thank you for your time and appreciate your clicking by. We will share another one of these catch up post soon. 

Stay Creative!