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Topaz Labs ReStyle Review

As a longtime user of the outstanding stable of Topaz Labs products, whenever they release an upgrade or a new product they have my attention. On August 7th they released a new product called ReStyle. I had an opportunity to beta test this product before it's final release and here is my review. Needless to say, I was excited about another Topaz tool to add to my workflow knowing this would provide even more possibilities for creative expressions. What I did not know was how extensive Restyle would turn out to be in terms of tools, choices and selections.

So what is Restyle?

Basically it is a package of presets for color manipulation and tinting of your images, providing near limitless possibilities.  Your creativity can run free with this program and it is a lot of fun to use.

The product can be purchased as a plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture or Topaz's stand-alone product, Photo FX Lab at a retail cost of $59.99.

But wait!

It is currently on sale for the introductory cost of just $29.99 through August 31st, a real bargain in my humble opinion. Simply enter the discount code: restyleit

As you will see below, it is super easy to use as well. So let's get to it.


  • Breakthrough Mapping Technology -ReStylesamples and maps the color and tone statistics from your selected image. This data is then transformed into high-quality presets and transformations, yielding dramatic effects.  You also have the ability to save these presets for future applications, thereby adding to the more than 1000 presets that ships with the product. Awesome!
  •  Blending Modes - With ReStyle, they have incorporated blending modes for the adjustment modules, essentially showing eight different looks for each style preset.
  • 5 Color Style Sliders with HSL Technology - Using the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders you can enhance the five dominant colors of your selected image.
  • Create Custom Presets - Each preset can be further adjusted and enhanced to suit your taste, providing you with an unlimited number of custom creations.

Below we have an original HDR image, which I can cross-process or color tint as many times as I desire.

The Royal Towers HDR
The Royal Towers HDR

Let's Move to the ReStyle user interface where the real fun and creativity happens.

The Topaz ReStyle Interface
The Topaz ReStyle Interface

Once inside, ReStyle maps the colors and tones of your image and creates five dominant regions of color in order of prominence, as seen in the top of the right panel (above). As previously mentioned, you can adjust each to create even more looks and presets.

In this case, I chose the "Saffron Sunset" in the Landscape section, one of nine preset categories. Architecture, Fashion, Graphic, Moody, Night, Portrait, Seascape and Street are the others.

There is also a strength slider in the Texture section, which I found to drastically boost the depth and overall appearance of images. All of this adds up to be a wonderful way to add style and pizzazz to your images with a few clicks of the mouse. And if that's not enough, consider the masking module where there are even more tools including an edge-aware brush, gradient mask, smart feather tool, color aware tool and more.

And all for only $29.99 through August 31 after entering the discount code: restyleit. Afterward the price will be $59.99, still a bargain but why pay more?

Overall, I am very impressed with this new product by Topaz Labs and I think you will be as well.

Below are a few more results from the original HDR image posted above.

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