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Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed a great weekend. Sports fan should be really enjoying the Olympic Games in London, they have been outstanding and it is a wonderful experience for those making those "Olympic Moments".

In the previous post I highlighted a hotel in the desert and today that theme continues. The Luxor is yet another beautiful example of architecture and like so many of the buildings on the strip, has been photographed in practically every way imaginable. So therein lies the challenge, coming up with something different, something that does not have "tourist shot" stamped upon it.

Many visitors to tourist attractions generally photograph the entire scene in a single frame, or at least a good portion of it. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but if you want something a bit different, you may have to go for a tighter shot and make an element or two the main focus of your image.

Luxor Las Vegas
Luxor Las Vegas

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Luxor LR4 Adjustments
Luxor LR4 Adjustments

For this image the Sphinx and the Pyramid were used to tell the story. Across the bottom are the tracks for the monorail system which I chose to leave in as a bottom frame of sorts.

The image was taken about 45 minutes after sunrise and completely processed in Lightroom 4. Since the building faces east it soon fell under harsh lighting conditions.

Adjustments to the white balance ("WB") and "Presence" sliders provided most of the work, and lesser adjustments to the "Blacks" and "Hue" sliders were also made, rendering quite a different image than the one I started with.

As a user of LR 3 I found that tool to be adequate but nothing spectacular. It never really became my go-to package for photo management and image development. Perhaps I never dove in deeply enough. Lightroom 4 on the other hand, (be sure to upgrade to 4.1) has some marked improvements and truly feels like a digital darkroom. I have been quite happy with this product, I must say. ;-)

Do you use Lightroom 4 and if so, what are your experiences?