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The Amos Herr House

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a safe and memorable holiday season.

We begin the year with an old historic house and a look at it's still relevant architectural style.

Located in Landisville Pennsylvania, the Amos Herr House is a part of a foundation created in 1991. The house sits on what was once part of a 92 acre tract of land held by the Herr family since 1844. This family's roots stretch back to 1639, when Has Herr was born in Zurich, Switzerland. There is a date stone on the house which indicates 1852 but I also read that the northern section of the house likely pre-dates that year.

If the Herr name sounds familiar, it may be because you have seen some of the snack products (chips, pretzels, etc. ) in stores.

The family settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania sometime in the early 18th century. Family genealogy records can be traced to 1639 and there was a land survey of some sort conducted in 1710. It must be really cool to have the ability to trace your family roots back that far. :)

The Amos Herr House photograph. Taken in Fall of 2012
The Amos Herr House photograph. Taken in Fall of 2012

I visited the site in Fall of 2012, as evidenced by the leafless trees. This provided an opportunity to see more of the architecture of the house than you would see during the height of Summer when trees have gained their full spread.


A 3-shot bracket (-2 to +2) was taken and processed in Nik's HDR Efex Pro 2. Afterward a little cleanup masking was performed in Photoshop CS6 and a slight S-curve was applied.

Amos Herr House Black and White photograph
Amos Herr House Black and White photograph

I plan to expand upon the creation of black & white imagery this year and there is no better time to begin than now.  This B&W version was converted using Topaz's Black & White Effects.

In Spring of 2013, when the house reopens to the public, I will return to create some images of the inside and gain a look into the past and what life must have been like during that time period.

Thanks for visiting!

Update: 1-23-16

An updated Black and White version of this image has been added to this post. This latest version (below) was processed in Photoshop CC two years and 3 weeks after the original. It's one of those things that I like to do, that is, look back over older images and reprocess selected ones to provide a second life for the photo. ;-) 

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