The Capital Wheel

Rising 175 feet above the Potomac River waterfront at the National Harbor, “The Capital Wheel”, as it’s been dubbed, will provide thrills and chills for many visitors. During my last visit the pier was still undergoing construction but I can hardly wait to return for the full, live experience. According to The Capital Wheel Facebook Page, the attraction is slated to open May 22nd with a VIP Event, followed by a public opening the following day on the 23rd.

Below is a sunset photograph I created from the shoreline.

With the construction crane in close proximity from this vantage point, it somewhat reminds me of a unicycle.  :-)

More facts about the finished product from the Press Kit I obtained:

  • There will be 42 climate-controlled Gondolas, including 1 for VIPs.
  • Each Gondola holds 8 riders for a total of 336.
  • The Wheel will display 1.6 million programmable LED lights, covering a spectrum of 16.7 million colors.
  • From the top of the ride you will be able to see the U. S. Capitol, the Washington Monument, Alexandria Virginia and Prince Georges County, Maryland.
  • Cost to ride is estimated to be $15 with the VIP Gondola costing more.

I like the fact that the Gondolas will be climate-controlled, meaning you can enjoy the ride on those hot and humid mid-Atlantic days that are sure to come. It will also be a real treat photographing this at night with all of those lights, particularly when the wheel is rotating.

These “Observation Wheels” have become quite popular with cities like London, Seattle, Brisbane, Perth, Niagara Falls, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Malacca Island, Myrtle Beach, and Pigeon Forge having them already. It’s so nice to have one in our area and placing this on the shores of the historic Potomac River, with Washington DC and Alexandria Virginia within eyesight was perfect planning.

I look forward to bringing you more photos of this attraction in the near future. In the meantime…

Thanks for visiting!