The New Covenant Ensemble

Welcome back, my friends! It has been a super busy couple of weeks with photo work and framing projects. It's nice to reach a little lull in the action, at least for a moment anyhow. :-)

Recently I was contacted by one of my online photographer friends, Orlett Pearson regarding a local photo opportunity in Baltimore. A group of contemporary jazz musicians known as The New Covenant Ensemble was performing in concert to launch their CD, entitled Genesis. Well I'm always down for some live music,  and an opportunity to shoot some photos during the performance is the icing on the cake. The venue was a small concert place called An Die Musik Live and here are a few of the photographs taken during the event.

In the photograph above, the group is led by Professor Benny Russell, jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger. Their style of music is a sort of fusion and spiritual arrangement set to a contemporary jazz format.

Above we have the veteran performer Benny Russell and Bassist, Sean Oliver grooving to one of their compositions.

Mr. Rodney Wing was quite impressive on the piano. He's an accomplished keyboardist, seen here playing from sheets of music. People who can read sheet music, play the notes with hands and feet while staying in tune and on time are awesome. They somehow make it look easy. :-)

Here we have Mr. Mark Ayers, the group's percussionist, keeping everything in time. I can truly appreciate his craft, I played drums in a small band myself back in the day.

Before closing out I wanted to share this overhead view taken from the balcony during intermission. The gentleman in the foreground is the Reverend Brian Murray, Pastor of the New Covenant Community United Church, where the group plays regularly. I shot quite a few photos at this event and still have many to process and make available to the group. My Wife and I attended the event and really enjoyed the evening.

Once again, a shoutout to my friend Orlett Pearson, who made this all possible. You should check out her work on Facebook and Google Plus. She's a talented New Jersey photographer and a good person to know in our online photographic community.

Until next time, Thanks for clicking by! :-)