The Wedding Party

Although I've been asked many times, I do not do weddings so this post may not be quite what you think.

Some of the most interesting photo opportunities happen while you’re just out & about, like the shots below captured during our stay at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center at National Harbor. While wondering the grounds I came upon what appeared to be a wedding party. Now I don’t know if it was really a wedding party but it looked like it. Besides, I needed a title for the image I was about to capture. :-)

The photographer that was with the group was sitting on the floor going through his camera bag and getting out his gear and there was this one lady who seemed to be directing everyone else to take positions at the gazebo so I expected the photo session to occur there. I already had my camera hanging on my shoulder so I was ready for anything of interest. But suddenly they had another idea and moved on, leaving me to grab the shot below.

Even though they moved on, I was satisfied to have at least captured this shot before moving on to the outdoors. 

After seeing a few sights and taking some photographs I returned to the hotel and headed for my room. Well, the first turn I made after entering the building lead me right to, you guessed it, the wedding party again. Funny how things seem to just work out at times. I waited a few moments while they finished positioning and shot the image below.

I could not have posed these folks on the stairway any better myself. :-)

This turned out to be another memorable moment from a chance encounter in 2014. It's been quite a year and I look forward to sharing my "2014 Year in Review" post with you, which will appear here soon.

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful year as well.

Stay creative!