Veer Towers

Welcome back, my friends. Before getting to today's post I want to apologize for my sporadic visits to some of your sites recently. It has been an extremely busy time as I expand my business services and work on other projects. I hope to return to a more normal schedule in the weeks ahead. For now, I will be visiting to see and support your work at odd times.

Today we have an architectural image created on my last visit to the always beautiful and fully photographic Las Vegas. The subject is the Veer Towers, those oddly leaning condominiums located in CityCenter on the famous "Strip".

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The Veer Towers, which lean in opposite directions of each other, are very popular for tourist and photographers and have likely been shot from every conceivable angle. For this shot I simply raised my camera and zoomed in from a couple of blocks away, framing the image just above the street lights.

"Lean Into Luxury" is the tagline of the towers and the planners of this residential paradise have gone all out here, where a 3-bedroom condo can easily exceed $1 million smackers.

For me, it's all about the architectural design. Like most of the tall buildings and hotels in Las Vegas, this bold and futuristic creation is very eye-catching and photogenic.

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