Walnut Street Bridge

The Winter of 2014-2015 will be remembered for it's long stretch of brutally cold and snowy weather. Record low temperature records, some of which date back more than 130 years, have been broken and the prolonged stretch of unrelenting cold has been the topic of discussion everywhere. As a result, ice has formed on every open body of water from small ponds and rivers to the Chesapeake Bay.

After a string of relatively mild winters, Mother Nature has return to balance things out. But nature has also provided some opportunities to photograph rare occurrences, like frozen waterways. One such waterway is the Walnut Street Bridge in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I photographed this bridge several years ago but  felt the need to come back and shoot it again under different conditions.

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Built in 1890, the Walnut Street Bridge spans the Ice-choked Susquehanna River and connects downtown Harrisburg to City Island. The extended period of single-digit days and sub-zero nights have brought these waters to a near standstill.

This truss bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Later, a partial collapse occurred in extreme weather and rising flood waters during the "North American Blizzard of 1996, a nor'easter that blanketed the east coast in some 4-feet of snow, followed by torrential rains. That was one of the worst storms that I had seen, besides Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

Let's have a look at the topside of this pedestrian bridge.

As you can see, there is no vehicular traffic allowed on this crossing. Many pedestrians walk across this daily on their way to work in the downtown area (background). There are parking lots on this side where the bridge connects to City Island. City Island also has a baseball stadium which serves as the home of the Minor League Harrisburg Senators.

I added in a couple of black and white conversions of the bridge for funsies, but I actually prefer them over the color versions in this case. 

Sometime in the not so distant future, the waters of the Susquehanna will be once again flowing through here on the way to the Chesapeake Bay. I look forward to that time, since it will mean that we have finally warmed up to a climate more suitable for outdoor activities. :-)

On a side not, I am heading out for a trip so my next post will be up on Tuesday March 3rd. In the meantime I will occasionally check in over on FB and Google Plus and hope to get in a few blog visits.

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