Washington Monument

Welcome back! Like most in north America, I am so glad to see the Spring weather finally arrived after a long, tough Winter. In this post we have a look at the Washington Monument.

The image was created around 4:40 am on Palm Sunday from beneath the Cherry Blossom trees that ring the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. In fact, this is the very first image I created when I arrived. I was in town to capture some of the beauty of those historic trees, a gift from Japan some 102 years ago. The blossoms had peaked just in time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, also held this weekend.

Anyhow, I have photographed this monument many times with each being totally different from the others. On a previous trip I had hoped to get a shot of this while still encased in scaffolding, the result of the mild earthquake we experienced in August of 2011. But when I arrived the upper portion of the lighted framework had been disassembled and I was too late. So to make up for that disappointment, I have the shot below.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument

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While this scene looks quiet and serene, there were swarms of people arriving at the tidal basin soon afterward. By the time the sun was about to rise, hundreds of photography enthusiasts and professionals lined the walkway around this area. Even still, this was a very orderly and enjoyable photo fest. After all, we were all there to create some memories to share. :-)

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