Woman's War Memorial

"Honoring Military Women - Past, Present and Future"

That's what the Women in Military Service for America Memorial is all about. Since 1775 women have had a role in military service, often serving as nurses and cooks during those times but have always been willing to take on any role, including combat. 

In 1948 laws were changed to make women a permanent part of the U. S. Military, opening door for them to fill more significant roles in all branches of military service. As we've see over the years, there is no job or function a woman cannot excel at when given the opportunity, a lesson that has repeated itself in many other aspects of life as well.

During a visit to the historic Arlington National Cemetery I came upon this beautiful curved architectural structure at the end of Memorial Avenue. At the time I really did not know what this represented but knew it had some significance since it was prominently placed at the entrance to the cemetery. 

The curved design of this memorial called for the 10.5mm fisheye, which I promptly attached. In the foreground is a circular pond which I used to eliminate the surrounding sidewalk.

As it turns out, there were once 3 gates on this west side of the cemetery. This memorial has replaced one of them. In hindsight, I wish I had taken another shot of this from further back showing the roadway leading up to this, It's an impressive view. That will be a task for a future trip.

It's really nice to see our military women so honored. There is a lot of history associated with this and there are exhibits inside to see. You can read more about this memorial and by visiting the Women's Memorial website.

If you have a love for the beauty of architecture, the Washington DC, Arlington Virginia area is a place you must visit.

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