City Scenes


We seldom get to look at city streets and scenes with great detail, mainly because we are always on the move, dashing to some destination or simply driving through. When we view a photography however, the overall beauty of sections of cities, also known as cityscapes, can be enjoyed more thoroughly and without interruption or distraction.

After all, a cityscape is simply an urban equivalent of a landscape. Urban design plays a tremendous role, from the layout of the streets, architectural stylings of buildings and lighting, all of which have been configured to compliment one another to provide an artistic representation that many will find pleasing to the eye. I have long seen the artistic quality of cityscapes and with this series, hope to help you see and appreciate this form of art as well.

Druid Park Drive, as seen from Druid Hill Park. - Summer 2015

Gateway to the Palazzo in Las Vegas

Skateboard Kids - Baltimore Inner Harbor near National Aquarium - 2014

Arlington Virginia Skyline, as seen from the DC Tidal Basin